Pool Construction – What to Know Before Building a Pool

Part One

Have you been thinking about that pool building project for years now? Or maybe you want to celebrate the Springs to come with a new pool construction? What’s stopping you from dialing up a pool contractor right this second to scratch that big pool itch?

Undertaking a pool building project is the dream of just about any homeowner. But, before diving in and building a pool, there are some important factors you need to consider. Here at Pool Techniques, our experts will go over some key factors in deciding whether that new pool is right for you.

Materials and construction methods are as important (if not more so), than the shape and design of the pool. Keep this in mind!

Knowing Local Laws and Regulations

Before starting your pool construction project, it’s important to check that you can do so legally! Check local regulations and codes before even considering a pool contractor to be certain that you can do so.

Many areas have certain maintenance and liability laws when it comes to swimming pools. They very rarely, if ever, make exceptions to these rules.

Consider the Pool’s Design

Pool building requires a certain amount of knowledge and creativity. For example, do you want a fibreglass or concrete lined pool? Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to consider everything from material to design!

A qualified and expert pool contractor can walk you through your options. They are ideal in helping you make the right choice for that new acquisition.

Lifespan is Important

With Spring’s arrival, it can be an attractive idea to go for quick installation times. Building a pool made of fibreglass can, therefore, be a tempting prospect. But, remember that material and construction method will affect the total lifespan of your pool.

If you want a durable pool construction that will suit your long-term vision, consider concrete. They tend to have a longer installation time of about 4-6 weeks, give or take. But, the wait is definitely worth it, as you’ll have a pool to last for years to come. Remember to discuss guarantees against damage, wear, and tear with the pool contractor!

Quality Circulation is Your Friend

Whether you have a chlorine or saltwater pool, indoor or outdoor, circulation is key. What good is a pool building project without a water circulation system to keep in fresh and sparkling in the sun? Nowadays, a good and reliable circulation system is something that no proud pool owner goes without.

With energy efficiency, automation, and heating being so advanced, it’s almost a no-brainer. Building a pool should include a reliable, high-efficiency filtration and circulation system. Remember to account for this in your planning!

Keep Maintenance in Mind

A pool can serve as a serious value negotiator when selling or buying a house. This is especially true when you properly maintain it! It’s not just about proper pool construction; it’s also about keeping it in good shape.

If not properly maintained and built, a pool could actually end up decreasing your property value. Be sure to hire experienced and certified pool teams to keep your pool blue and sparkling.

A pool with proper filtration and circulation is key to a long life.

Pool building can be a daunting affair. As a leading pool contractor, Pool Techniques can help you achieve your back garden dream! Contact Us Today!